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Habituate is a conceptual App helps to acquire new habits. A platform to set, plan and track goals, a place where you can engage your friends and family.

Why Habituate?

The attempt to change a habit is often unsuccessful or doesn’t last long. It requires a lot of effort and patience to pursue new things. Most available tools are based on one module to “Schedule and remind”. The Goal of Habituate is to create a meaningful experience for users, addressing motivation, social influence and reward.

This is how I built a solution to help people achieve the change they desire
and help new habits to stick.

This project was the final output of my UX course at General Assembly.
I hope you enjoy it.


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The discovery phase has helped to understand users behavior, identify their needs, and pain points. It has allowed outlining personas, common challenges, and review competitor landscape.

I’ve conducted a series of interviews with co-workers and friends, which they’ve revealed that people approach new habits with a custom arrangement based on motive and availability. They’ve highlighted continuity and engagement as the most challenging areas.

“I Involve friends to set common personal goals”
“Social interaction makes the process more rewarding”
“My commitment is higher when I’m part of community”

When I have taken these discoveries mapped them with competitors landscape, they revealed a gap in the current market solutions. They have helped users to schedule and track but didn’t engage either reward. As a result, the lifecycle of a habit became short and less meaningful.


I had two personas as a primary target in phase1. I’ve focused on working class segment that runs a busy schedule and needs support to achieve personal goals. And I have identified these Personas based on General Behaviour, Goals, and challenges.




The Vision

An enjoyable new habits that stick.

While the market solutions have focused on schedule and remind scheme, my vision was to deliver more meaningful, and enjoyable experience, which assists a long-term change.


Track & Maintain Sense of togetherness More rewarding
The key priority was to create a flawless “Habit Tracker” experience, flexible set up to schedule habits, and decide on practice regularity Beyond the Basic Features, it came the opportunity to create shared goals, adding pleasure and engagement to the user practice, and help to increase commitment. Infuse users achievement with social recognition, create stories around their success and celebrate accomplishments.

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The Requirement

After I’ve defined the problem users are facing and mapped it with the market landscape, I had the statement ‘vision’ to solve the user problem, which enabled me to draft a broad set of tasks and features.
Since the initial objective was to build MVP ‘Minimum viable product’. I’ve categorized these features into priority chart based on expectation vs. impact.


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This analysis has shaped the initial phase for the app, outlined the product feature roadmap, and the product backlog.
After I had compiled the feature roadmap, drafted the storyboards. I’ve had sufficient data for high-level flowcharts to outline scenarios, user journey and be able to shape the navigation experience.


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Outlining several user journeys was the best way to conceptualize and structure the content and functionality.


The Frame Work

Rapid Sketching. “Fail Fast. Learn Fast. Improve Fast.”

To save time, I’ve started experimenting layout options using rapid Sketching and paper prototype testing. I was able to explore different UI arrangement, navigation options, and explore new design possibility.


When I’ve locked down the sketches, I’ve already had few rotations of paper prototype testing, from which I was able to enhance the UX flow, improve usability and gather early user feedback.



Using Sketch & InVision Prototype

Why Sketch!
I’ve aimed to build a fully functional InVision prototype for Habituate since it was an educational project and I intended to conduct further user testing. Because of this, it was more convenient to use sketch for high fidelity prototype since it Sync with InVision.




User Testing

Took a while, but we have a fully functional prototype for the main Features of Habituate App.

The prototype has been tested on few users for one round, which has provided further feedback, an excitement and opportunity to improve.

Invision Prototype


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